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Dance, Floor Work, Spins, Pole Tricks, Combos, No Inversions: Must Keep Hips Under Head While Both Hands And Body Is On The Pole.

• Inverting From The Floor Is Acceptable And Must Kepp Three Points Of The Body In Contact With Pole With Inverted On The Pole (No Aerial Mount Inversions Such As Aerial Basic Invert, Aerial Shoulder-Mount, Aerial Handspring Invert, Etc).

• Must Have Four Points Of Contact If In An Elbow Grip Ayesha.

• Competitor May Drop Down Into An Inverted Position While On The Pole.

• No Aerial Jumping, Flipping, Or Popping Off The Pole While Inverted.

• Floor And Aerial Inverting Is Allowed.

• Must Keep Three Points Of The Body In Contact With Pole While Inverted On The Pole (Competitors At This Level Will Want To Demonstrate The Strength To Execute Floor Inversions With Straight Legs).

• No Aerial Jumping, Flipping, Or Popping Off Pole While Inverted.

• Restrictions Of Minimum Of Two Points Of Contact At All Times While Inverted.

• Demonstration Of Aerial Inversions With Straight Legs, Flexibility, Unique Pole Trick Combinations, And Strength Stamina.

• No Aerial Jumping, Flipping, Or Popping Off Pole While Inverted.

No Restrictions. Demonstration Of High Performance Levels And Mastery.

• Articulates And Demonstrates A Mastery Of Dance, Floor Work, Spins, Inversions, Combos And Athleticism.

• Will Want To Demonstrate Mastery Of Floor And Aerial Inversions With Straight Legs, Flexibility, Unique Pole Trick Combinations, And Strength Stamina.

• No Restrictions With Moves

• Division Champion Will Move On To The Pole Championship Series At The Arnold Classic

Examples Of Base Moves

There are EXAMPLES of base moves for each amateur divison. These are NOT rules for divison moves, just a guide to what you could expect to see mastered in each level. This is to help competitors and trainers understand where a competitors' placement could fall and how to design training schedules/workshops/sessions/etc. You can see how the mastery of the base moves allows for eploration of different variations of the base moves. This list is not exhausted, there are too many moves and variations to list them all. NOTE: Elbow grip ayeshas are considered three points of contact, however, they are only allowed in Intermediate with a fourth point of contact (i.e. a foot or knee). Visual move examples can be found in the Spin City Pole Bible, Pole Community Syllabus, and/or PoleDanceDictionary.com

Novice Examples (Limited to no inversions while body and hands are on the pole) Intermediate Examples Includes all previous levels plus: (limited to only inversions from the floor, three points of contact while inverted, and four points of contact while in elbow grip ayesha) Advanced Base Move Examples Includes all previous levels plus: (Limited to keeping three body points on pole while inverted) Elite Base Moves Examples Includes all previous levels plus: (Limited to Two points of contact and no popping off the pole while inverted
Basic Pole Walk Knee Hook Spin Backward/Forward Apprentice Straddle Caterpillar Bow and Arrow Leg Switches Bird of Paradise
Step Around Jasmine Hold/Spin Superman Shoulder mount Iguana Elbow Grip Ayesha Elbow Grip Fang
Body Waves Forward/Reverse Articulate the spine Pole Hold / Pencil Spin Dragonfly (inverted thigh hold) Embrace (upright elbow grip) Bird Flag Invert Funky Grip Invert
Knee Spin Carousel Spin Inverted V Cupid Dragontail Yogini Cocoon
Step and Slide Split Grip Apprentice Gemini (outside leg hang) Holly Drop Jade Split Recliner Invert No Handed Jade Split
Money Shot Handstand on floor Scorpio (inside leg hang) Marley Pegasus Meathook Handsprings
Fan Kick Figurehead Crucifix Floor Jade Allegra Superman Drop Semi-Pro Base Moves Examples Includes all previous levels plus no restrictions
Pole Sit Splits Butterfly Floor Shoulder stands Broken Doll Janiero
Pole Sit Plank Basic Pole Climb Flatline Scorpio Remi Sit No handed leg holds Air Pirouette
Chair Spin Cartwheel (at least one hand on floor) Elbow Grip Ayesha Butterfly Variation Chopper Gemini Mount (handstand to gemini) Aerial Shoulder-mount Iguana Planche
Firefly Spin / Fireman Spin Banana Split / Reiki Split Flag Basic Invert Chinese/Funky Grip invert Cartwheel on pole (1-hand on floor) Shouldermount Plache
Cradle Spin Hip Hold Brass Monkey Overplit
Teddy Reverse Grab/Monkey Spatchcock
Swan/Sad Girl/Bomb Drop Ballerina Eagle
Scorpio Handstand Rocket woman Backflip

Category Quick Guide

Artistic Dance
Artistic Dance Encompasses A Dancers' Fluidity, Emphasis On Expression Of A Dramatic Emotion Or Storyline, Interpretive, Contemporary, Modern, & Lyrical Forms Of Dance.

Classic Exotic
Classic Exotic Focuses On The Artistry Of The Erotic Style Of Dance. Low Pole Work, Sensuality, Long Lines, Flexibility, Fluidity Across The Floor And Of Heel Work, Body Rolls, Skills In Shaking And/Or Isolating Movements. This Category Is Restricted To An 18+ Audience And Allows Costumes Down To Pasties And Thongs. Removal Of Clothing Is Not A Requirement, Just An Option For The Competitors.

Performance Theater
Performance Theater Tells A Story Or Is An Entertaining, Upbeat, Fun, Or Comedic Spectacle, Elaborate Costuming, Unique Use Of Prop(s) To Interpret Story, And/Or An Emphasis On Creative Theme, Concept, And Character.

Pole Sport
The Artistry Of Pole As A Sport. Emphasis On Difficulty And Execution Of Tricks And Transitions. Pole Tricks And Floor Work Resemble Athletic And Gymnastic Movements.